Kubica will show his progress in Wales


It is time to calculate how Robert Kubica has progressed since last year. Pole will attend Wales Rally GB one year after when he debut last year.

Robert has made huge improvment since last year, and he has shown it in Spain last month. Rally Espana is his best ever performance on the loose-surface.

Season’s last rally is always pushes the drivers after long championship calendar. Some say it has not so technicial stages but everyone says that it is the most challenging stages at all.

Rain, mud, fog, ice and even snow is expected in any moment of this rally. Driver’s knowledge of stages is not so important every stage has it’s own surprise in it.

Formula 1 race winner Robert Kubica has the talent to drive fast but speed is not the only thing in Wales. Ability to drive is the main issue. Kubica has completed some gravel and asphalt stages around the world, but it is time show how he progressed since last year.

“Last year we did not get far, but it was a difficult situation having to make the switch to a world rally car with a new co-driver and Italian pacenotes. For sure with more experience from this year I expect next week to be a better rally for me.

“It is a very difficult event, mostly because of the weather. If it is sunny it can be a really nice rally and that is what I am hoping for. Having said that, there is a very high possibility of rain, fog and mud and that will make things much more difficult – but that’s a GB rally!

“About 70 percent of the stages are new compared to last year and since my first attempt was troublesome, this year’s event will be like a new experience for me. It is a unique rally because of the surface and the weather can play a big role. It might be a tough one, but I am hoping for a good experience and a smooth drive to the finish as always.”

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