RX Lites Test Day for 2015


In its first year the exciting new rallycross category RX Lites has attracted thousands of motor sport enthusiasts from all over the world. Its powerful engine, unique suspension system and geometry which allows the driver to change settings according to needs, door-to-door racing and great media opportunities, made RX Lites Cup the most attractive one-make series of the year.

No other World-class championship can be as affordable as RX Lites, thanks to centralized logistics supply for spare parts, and on-event technical support.

Following the recent publication of the 2015 event schedule, RX Lites promoter, FirstCorner Management is hosting a test day for drivers interested in experiencing an RX Lites car before deciding where they will race next year.

The test will be run on Monday December 15 on the acclaimed new rallycross track at Istanbul Park, recently the scene of the final event in the 2014 RX Lites Cup.

The full RX track will be used in order to give the feeling of the car on both gravel and tarmac surfaces. Participants will have the opportunity to try different settings to test the reaction of the car and different characteristics on mixed surfaces.

There will also be the opportunity to take a city tour on Sunday December 14 for those who’d like to see the historic city of Istanbul. FirstCorner will host and manage this great opportunity.

This is an open call for those who are interested in participating in the test. Places are limited and we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible.

To secure the place at this test day there is an online booking form at www.rxlites.com/test-day

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