#RXLites Final Round in Istanbul


Turkey RX will form the final round of the supporting RX Lites Cup but with a 34-point lead, it is mathematically impossible for anybody to beat Kevin Eriksson who was hailed RX Lites Champion in Italy last month. Joining Eriksson in Turkey will be nine other drivers including Swedish RX Lites Champion Kevin Hansen who is currently second in the standings with 82 points. Two drivers who will be firm favourites with the home crowd are Turkey’s Yigit Timur (fourth in the RX Lites standings) and Fatih Kara, who will both drive for Toksport WRT.

Martin Anayi, World RX Managing Director for IMG Motorsport, concluded: “It is quite incredible to think that Istanbul, which is one of the world’s biggest cities and home to more than 14 million people, will host a round of World RX. The fact that we are also using the former F1 circuit and its first-class facilities is also testament to how much our Championship has grown in the past 12 months. I firmly believe that we now have the perfect mix of events, some which are new like Turkey and Canada but others that are traditional rallycross events such as Holjes, Lydden Hill and Loheac. I’m very pleased to announce that the semi-finals and finals on Sunday will be broadcast live on NTV Spor – Turkey’s free-to-air channel which has a household reach of 18 million. It will also be exciting to watch the RX Lites in action for the final time this year – the factory where they are built is situated less than 10 miles from the circuit and it’s great that two of the cars have been entered by local drivers.”


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