Spectacular Final Round in Intercity IstanbulPark


RX Lites 2014 season has ended with a spectacular final round in Intercity IstanbulPark, Turkey today. The place which has hosted the world class rallycross event for the first time, is accepted by most of the teams as the best of the season so far, thanks to it’s high standards of facilities and highly fast track conditions.

Sebastien Eriksson was the name of the day. Young Swede has won the last round of the season and showed how fast he can be in every condition. “I’m so happy to win the last round here, I won the first and the last rounds of this season. So it makes me so happy to made it.” he said after the final race. Sebastien gave a fast start to the weekend with winning both first and second heats on saturday. On sunday, he set third and second positions on Heat3 and Heat4 respectively, after winning semi-final, he was unbeatable again on final race of the weekend. The points he got in Turkish soil made him climbed up to fitfh position on overall standings which is a great job while entering only 3 rounds in this season.

Kevin Hansen Jr. was not lucky on the openning day of the weekend. He struggled with an engine failure and couldnt even join in Heat1 race. His Team Peugeot Hansen did a great job and changed the engine just in between two heats. This allowed him to collect points from Heat2 and even win Heat4 on sunday. After a clean run on final race, he managed to step on the podium again. This was his fourth podium success out of four races he joined. As a 16 years old Red Bull Athlete, he will be rising in upcoming seasons for sure.

After a full season at the steer of a S1600 car, Janis Baumanis had his maiden race in RX Lites in Istanbul. Latvian performed an impressive driving style all through the weekend. He even made it to fourth position after rolling his RX Lites at the gravel section of the track on Heat1, which was red flagged as he blocked the road. Janis immediately placed his car at the starting grid again to join the action as nothing ever happened. This was not the only problem he faced. He couldnt finish the Heat4 but again this didnt stop him to made it to final race as he came third on his semi-final group.

Kevin Eriksson finished fourth and he is followed by Daniel Holten. Turkish driver Yigit Timur is excluded from the final race after colliding both Sebastien and Kevin Eriksson’s cars, due to sporting regulations on fairplay.

The final round also shaped up the general classification of 2014 RX lites season. Kevin Eriksson has already secured his title on previous round and he only added more points to his lead. But another Swede, Kevin Hansen Jr. made it to second and Norwegian Daniel Holten placed himself on third overall positions of the season after final results of Istanbul race. Kevin Eriksson will be driving a Ford Fiesta Supercar in Argentina where World RX 2014 Championship will end. As it was declared before the season, Kevin Hansen Jr. and Daniel Holten will have chance to get an all day test session with a Ford Fiesta Supercar az a prize.

RX Lites 2014 season has witnessed many amazing moments, young and talented future rallycross stars, proper action and also spectacular driving styles on completely different track and weather conditions. It is very well accepted by the fans from all over the world and RX Lites Cup proved that upcoming seasons will be more and more exciting for all rallycross enthusiasts.

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