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SS14: Cancelled
18.November.2017 02:44:29
SS14: Cancelled Rally organisers have cancelled the second pass of Newry [SS14]. Stage cancelled because a damaged bridge made it unsafe. Crews will make their way back to the Coffs Harbour regroup before this evenings Super Specials. [WRC] Rally Australia 2017
Australia after SS10
17.November.2017 22:20:00
Australia after SS10 1.Neuville 1h37m24.3s, 2.Latvala +5.7s, 3.Meeke +21.1s, 4.Tanak +27.4s, 5.Breen +45.6 Two punctures cost Mikkelsen the lead [WRC] Rally Australia 2017
SS10: Mikkelsen Disaster
17.November.2017 22:11:32
SS10: Mikkelsen Disaster. Hes lost 1m40s with a front and rear left puncture. Worse still, he he has just one spare. "It happened 2km after the start on a right-hander over a crest. In third or fourth gear I went wide and touched the bank quite hard. I thought I had just a rear puncture but soon after I felt the front too. I have one spare so it doesn look like well be going any further." [WRC] Rally Australia 2017
Australia after SS6
17.November.2017 03:59:44
Australia after SS6 1.Mikkelsen 55m45.6s, 2.Meeke +20.9s, 3.Neuville +23.1s, 4.Latvala +30.4s, 5.Breen +31.1 [WRC] Rally Australia 2017
SS1: Ogier
16.November.2017 20:56:54
SS1: Ogier First to complete in 5m19.8s. There is some light damage the front of his Fiesta - it sounds watersplash-related. "Its rough in places, a bad watersplash and compression but we didn touch anything," he said. "As I expected it was slippery, we have to try and push our best." [WRC] Rally Australia 2017
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