Parn gets Fiesta R5 prize in DMACK Trophy


Estoinan Sander Parn crowned 2014 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy and won the biggest prize in world rallying – a seven-round programme in the 2015 FIA WRC 2 championship driving a Ford Fiesta R5. Parn and Welsh co-driver James Morgan has finished Rally de Espana in 5th overall and secure the title with a 19-point advantage.

Parn has started Rally de Espana with 29 points advantage over rival Tom Cave. Cave has won previous rally at Germany, but he was unable to overhaul. First day of rally was hopeful to Cave when Parn lost minutes and caught behind a slower competitor. Cave pushed so hard to get title but he slid off last day’s morning loop and dropdown to second place.

Spanish Nil Solans has won the rally in homeland which is his best position. He was less struggled then rivals in gravel and pushed very hard on aspahlt stages to win the rally.

Frenchman Quentin Gilbert was rally leader when he won Thursday night’s SSS in Barcelona. He continued to push on gravel stages of Friday and get 28s lead overall. But when he slid off and damaged his Fiesta R2, he felt down from leaderboard and said farewell to maiden victory. However he continued to push on asphalt stages and get 11 stage win to secure his 3rd overall position in trophy.

Max Vatanen, son of Ari Vatanen, showed his best performance and beat his rival Szymon Kornicki by 1.5 seconds to get Rookie Award which brings a prize to drive Fiesta R5.

In it’s inaugural season, the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy has the partnership between tyre manufacturer DMACK and M-Sport has resulted in a fiercely-fought series. The concept was to provide a cost-effective entry level into the FIA World Rally Championship, however, the package of identical M-Sport-prepared Fiesta R2 cars, sustainable GEM racing fuel and control DMACK tyres has proved ultra-competitive. At Rally Finland, Pärn powered his way to a remarkable 16th overall – scoring the highest ever WRC finish for a Fiesta R2.

The Trophy will continue in 2015 with an all-new, one-litre turbo engine to give young guns to prepeare themselves in to big boys arena with low-costs.

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