MSA Rally Isle of Man | Itinerary
Rally Isle of Man 2017
Special Stage Stage Distance (km) First Car
14 September 2017, Thursday
1Marine Drive 18.16 km.15:18
2Clannagh Road 115.82 km.15:48
Service A18:00
3Villa Marina1.45 km.18:54
Service B19:41
4King Edward Bay3.32 km.20:14
5Baldhoon7.18 km.20:37
Service C21:07
Day 1 total distance 35.93 km.  
15 September 2017, Friday
Service D08:45
6Little London 112.05 km.09:48
7Kella 118.04 km.10:17
8Tholt y Will 17.55 km.10:53
Service E11:45
9Sand Quarry 121.08 km.13:08
10Clannagh Road 215.82 km.13:58
11Oatlands 18.16 km.14:27
Service F15:04
Service G18:00
12Castletown Mooar3.12 km.18:58
13Castle Rushen8.18 km.19:13
14Oatlands 28.16 km.19:50
15Rhenab12.79 km.20:43
16Tholt y Will 27.55 km.21:19
Service H21:58
Day 2 total distance 122.50 km.  
16 September 2017, Saturday
Service I08:15
17Little London 212.05 km.09:18
18Kella 218.04 km.09:47
19Sand Quarry 221.08 km.10:33
Service J11:55
20Marine Drive 28.16 km.12:53
21Classic21.97 km.13:53
Service K14:18
Day 3 total distance 81.30 km.  
Rally Total Distance 239.73 km.  
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